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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 27, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ breaking news. police swarm a south bay high school after a violent threat surfaces online. i'm stephanie chuang live at san jose state, the number of students approached bay stranger early this morning has jumped to four. details coming up. apple continues to struggle, under growing criticism of its factories. ahead in business news. a boat barges into a bridge, sending it crashing into the water below. nbc bay area news at 11:00 a.m. starts right now.
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good morning, everyone. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. >> a terrifies morning. police are searching for a man who allegedly broke into the dorm in the middle of the night and attacked not one but four girls as they slept. nbc bay area's stephanie chuang joins us live on campus where the attacker is still on the loose. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: marla, good morning. keep in mind, san jose students returned three days ago for spring semester. the reported attack happened here at joe hall west dorm. you have to have a key like this to get in at all times. police are trying to figure out if the accused attacker lives here or followed somebody in. >> entered room, groped victim. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time san jose state sophomore nicole brockmayer got a university police alert bay
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sexual alert on campus, but it was the first time it happened so close to her, right in the same dorm. joe west hall. >> it wasn't my floor, i wasn't as nervous but it's easy to get from floor to floor. >> a full-court press on the officers in the building, started wake waking up students, door to door, every crevice in the building searching. >> reporter: the spokeswoman says the first victim reported she had been groped by a stranger after 3:30. but it wasn't until police arrived that three additional students stepped forward and said they have been attacked. >> we encourage students to lock doors, many sleeping with unlocked doors. >> i feel like we have pretty good stuart. people need to be more careful, who is following them behind the dorms. >> reporter: little comfort to donna, whose daughter is a student here. when she spotted the university police cars, lights on, she knew the news wasn't good. >> as a mom, i mean, i'm always where are you? what are you doing?
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you know, yeah, it's very unnerving. your kid, it's your daughter, could be my daughter, right, and, yeah, it makes me very sad. >> reporter: investigators are reviewing security camera footage to get a about thor idea of this guy. this is not the first reported sexual assault or attempt on school this year. there were a couple months ago at 9th and east san salvador. live at san jose state, stephanie chuang. breaking news in san jose, moments ago police leading evergreen valley high school after swarming campus looking for a student who allegedly posted a violent threat on a social media website. that student has been found offcampus and is in custody. there was a shelter in place on campus but things have gotten back to normal. it is unclear if the student -- we have found out the student is in custody. we will have group dat updates.
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protesters in oakland are getting ready to reoccupy the city. this time, they are not taking over campsites, they're taking over a vacant building. no word on what building protesters plan to take over but tell us they've chosen a building owned by a large bank or corporation, has been empty for at least ten xwreerpz protestyears. governor jerry brown taking to the airwaves to drum up support for his plan to get california out of debt. >> first of all, it's temporary. second of all, it goes to our schools. if we don't get it, there will be some very serious cutbacks after years of cutting back our schools and universities and prisons and all sorts of other things. >> perspective on this, a year ago the budget deficit hit $26 billion plus. it's now about half of that to make up for the rest, brown is
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asking the wealthiest californians to pay higher taxes. and he wants to raise the state sales tax by a half cent. the new tax will be on the ballot november. president obama is selling his state of the union promise to keep college affordable and within reach for all americans. >> student loan debt has now surpassed credit card debt for the first tile ever. think about that. that's inexcusable. in the coming decades 60% of new jobs require more than a high school diploma. it's an economic imperative. >> the president is calling for extending the tuition tax credits and calling pho inin on find new and creative ways to stop raising costs. cairo, hundreds of protesteproteste protesters staying put in tahrir sca square for a day of wrath.
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the protesters demanding transfer of power from military government to civilian. syria, 50 people, including women and children are now dead, after two days of just bloody chaos. pro-regime forces reportedly blasting buildings with mortars and gunfire. the u.n. says more than 5,000 people have been killed in the government's crackdown on protesters. off the coast of tuscany, divers blast another hole into the cruise liner two weeks after it first ran aground. the search for bodies seem to be winding down as workers prepare to pump 5,000 gallons of fuel from that ship before it starts leaking. in business and tech, head of apple is promising more investigations into the way that company's products are manufactured following more criticism in the press. scott mcgrew tells us what tim cook said. >> good morning. several people at apple tell us,
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ceo tim cook sent a company wide e-mail after that very critical "new york times" article on thursday. this is the article we talked about yesterday. it took an toll task for poor factory conditions in china, including deadly accidents. cook in e-mail to employees called the article offensive and defended the company, but there are lots of indications in the e-mail that cook is making changes, and takes the problem much more seriously than his predecessor did. every year we inspect more factories, raising the bar for our partners and we'll continue to dig deeper and we will undoubtedly find more issues. now last week, apple issued its latest self-assessment of factory conditions finding many factory workers were overworked. but finding fewer child labors than previous years. apple, for the first time, also released a lit of its suppliers though didn't say which suppliers violated which rules.
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san ramon based chevron says profits in the previous quarter fell 3% as the company dealt with higher costs and lower production. our tv show press here often sponsored by chevron. the latest gdp numbers show the american economy picking up steam. you project for the year 2.8%. slower than average but if you look back over the last 50 years it is growth, slower, but growth. back to you. new at 11:00, take a close look at this. a bridge in southwestern kentucky torn apart after a cargo ship plowed right into it. this happened overnight. right now state officials inspecting what's left of the bridge. as you can see, yeah, pieces of the bridge stuck to the bow. traffic obviously closed on that bridge. the coast guard blocking boat access in the area. scary stuff. >> a miracle nobody was driving
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on the road when that happened. >> very, very lucky. time to check the forecast. meteorologist christina loren the weekend is here. >> the weekend is upon us. you know what? take a look at this. there's no better way to kick off a weekend than conditions like this. gorgeous california day, shaping up over the bay area. isn't that gorgeous? >> love it. >> not a cloud in the sky, even by the city by the bay. the camera's got a shake to it. dry, northerly winds are picking up. not only going to warm us up, they'll keep the sky nice and clear for most of the weekend. headlines work out like this, foggy start this morning becoming sunny. we still have ragged patches of fog especially pacifica, half moon bay. by this weekend, staying nice. mostly clear. mild conditions. and then next week, we bring in showers. we'll get a little bit of everything when we get to the seven-day forecast. we'll let you know which weekend day is better than the other for outdoor plans and why to get out and enjoy it this weekend.
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major changes on the way. >> i cannot argue with your plans. i like that very much. coming up, love visiting the city as in san francisco? well, hate trying to find parking? a bunch of new spots that could be opening up. i'm bob redell, when grown men get to play in the mud, this is what you end up with. we're taking you to the ama supercross here in oakland, that's coming up in a live report. the word is swapportunity.
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can i have the definition? swapportunity: the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a yoplait light. can you use it in a sentence? mmm. swapping a 300 calorie donut for this 110 calorie strawberry shortcake is a good swapportunity. that's not a real word. oh haha it's real. [ female announcer ] delicious, creamy, yoplait light. over 30 flavors each around 100 calories. do the swap today. some of the countries best figure skaters are competing in south bay but only a few will walk away with gold, silver, bronze. this is video of the junior pairs champions in this week's figure skating championships. it's like the super bowl in the world of skating. walking away with a win here can be a huge boost for the career. >> it's a really good spot for
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next year. all we're going to do is just train harder than we did coming here and it was just -- it's just another door for the many doors open phofor us and we'll p going. >> seniors will compete today, tomorrow, and sunday. nbc will broadcast the competition, or see it in person. tickets are still available. logon to skatesan jose2010 we know what's going on at the hp pavilion but what about the coliseum? if you're into supercross, this is something you'll dig. we're trying to get bob redell back on things. live at the coliseum this morning. trying to hook up with him as i speak to you now. you can see the problem going on here. i hear bob. bob redell out there with the supercross. >> reporter: yeah, here at -- >> hold on. bob, hang tight. we'll try to get your picture.
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hang tight. we'll check back with you. marla, we'll let you take it away. >> what mother nature has to offer. turning up plenty of big waves in half moon bay. big enough to call the mavericks surf contest? waves like this, we've seen swells up to 15 feet along the peninsula coast. meteorologist christina loren joins us now. should we expect the contest soon? >> you know, i have to say we've got large breakers out there right now, fog was a factor yesterday obviously we don't have fog out there at this point. but here's the big news. next week by midweek, as we get a storm system riding to the north i think we're going to see larger swells. so that's good news as we all want to see that maverick surf competition take place, the best of the best out there competing. take a look at this. no competition, we have best weather in the entire state. and for the most part the nation's getting hammered especially through the
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southeast. for us, some of the best weather across the nation as we head through this weekend holding on to the 60s. 60 in san jose now. what a great day to hit the san francisco marina. if you want to do so, 2:00 p.m., 60 degrees. a lil le bit of fog. noon, clear conditions, 62. gorgeous day to sit out and admire the beautiful landscape. 67 later today in san jose. 69 in morgan hill. these temperatures are unseasonably warm by five degrees. we're going to hold on to that warmth as we head throughout the weekend, take you across the bay. 64 in san francisco. high pressure's the reason why we're still warm and mild. why that storm track stays to the north. throughout the next couple of days that's going drive offshore winds, breezy conditions, sunny. that's what to expect saturday. make outdoor plans. sunday more cloud cover. if you're looking for the sunshine, saturday's the day to
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make plans. 66 degrees inland on saturday. staying nice and mild on sunday. and then we take off next week with a different pattern. monday, tuesday, wednesday, increase clouds, showers in the north bay tuesday. better chance for rain wednesday into thursday. we need that rain. we're running a deficit. overall, guys, we made it to the weekend, we're going to get great weather to enjoy it with. >> a beautiful thing. thank you very much. we gave you a tease earlier but second time's charm. supercross race, where bob redell is cranking up the ccs. racers already hugging the turns and ready for tomorrow's race by spitting up the mud. how are you feeling? >> reporter: i had a -- i had to move a piece of mud. that's why we had difficulty. in the middle of
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sho sho shoveling in 500 truck loads of dirt. that is a -- these guys can come out here tomorrow and compete in the monster energy ama supercross. chad reed won the event last weekend in l.a., congratulations to you. >> thank you. >> i look at this, i look to me as layperson, this is terrifying to be out here. i look at how much hang time on the big jumps. you're not afraid. is there anything you're afraid? >> we're all afraid at some extent. we're all professionals have we've been doing this since we've been little kids. it's like walking. you know how to make a step, you know how to do a jump. >> i watched one of the colleagues do a jump you're getting two seconds of hang time. is that enough for a smoke break, able to think about the deeper meaning of life? >> i wish we had a water bottle. i mean it's a blast out here. we're having fun. today's no stress at all. we can play around a little bit.
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today, you're seeing us in our element. >> what's the defense between first and second place? is it i took the turn too wide? >> champagne tastes better at first. >> of course. >> for most part, everybody it's like they're so close. splitting hair, a hundredth here, and there. start is very important gate drops at the same time and we go racing into the first turn. reaction time's got to be great. when you get out front, time is going to be on as well. >> glad meeting with you. good luck with you. ama supercross, guys, it's going to be tomorrow night. the doors open at 12:30 here at for the practice and for you to come out and ethe guys. the event itself, 7:00, we should have it up on the screen. tickets range anywhere from $10 to $75 here at
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a muddy place. wondering about the ufr turf, t replace it. they do replace the turf for the a's and the raiders and everyone else. >> sounds like the perfect weekend. let's see, mud, champagne, bob redell. does not get better than that. bob, thank you very much. stay clean out there. brace yourself 49 fans, this might be painful to hear. nine days away from the super bowl. crews are putting finishing touches on super bowl village in indianapolis. one of the biggest attractions four zip lines will run through the heart of the action. this thing runs and lasts about 46 seconds from start to finish. i guess that's very appropriate because this year it's super bowl xlvi. >> you can do that on the embarcadero. >> i want to try that. >> sadly, the super bowl is going on without the niners and reaction has been mixed.
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you recall hearing death threats against kyle william after his performance in the nfc championship game. when a 7-year-old niners fan heard about the hard time williams was having, he sent him this adorable hand written letter. it says, dear mr. williams, we just watched the playoff game. i feel really bad for you. but i wanted to tell you that you had a great season. you should be very proud, so i wanted to say thank you. i am your number one fan. signed, owen from los angeles, california. >> that is so cool and so cute right there. >> that will lift him up. >> love it. let's face it, it has been nothing short of a tough week all around for the 49ers and the fans as well. >> using youtube to vent frustration about the heartbreaking loss to the giants. but this one caught our eye. check it out. >> what's wrong?
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you thought the 49ers would be in the super bowl? we can still watch the super bowl. >> how? >> the 49ers just won't be in it. we'll watch -- we'll watch the patriots and the giants. >> okay. >> and it will be fun. >> okay. >> all right. i still love you. you still love me? who's got it better than us? >> nobody. >> my goodness. >> that is brilliant. if you want to watch that again, search the 49ers aren't going to the super bowl on youtube. na video racking up more than 100,000 views. >> who's better than us? >> nobody. >> i pray jim harbaugh sees it. make sure coach gets that. perfect coming up, big cars getting a boot in san francisco. why more parking spaces could be opening up for the little guys just ahead. >> if you like it, enroll in it. beyonce, ale course. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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b.a.r.t. is taking big steps to make sure surf rider are safe if a big one hits approved a $7 million contractor the next phase of a major seismic metro fit of the transbay ii. a wall of the tunnel which connects san francisco to the east bay. we know hanging out in san francisco is fun. finding parking, not so much. but soon help could be on the way. san francisco's municipal transit agency could ban rvs, trailers and big cars from parking on certain streets overnight. and the ban includes any vehicle longer than 22 feet and taller than seven feet. supporters say the ban will keep people from sleeping in their cars. critics say it unfairly targets the poor and disadvantaged. beyonce, 1010. the grammy winner now the subject of a college class.
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without u-verse i think we'd be just a big mess. ♪ welcome back, everyone. you could say if you like it, you can always put a class on it or something. >> i guess so. beyonce now the subject of a course at rutgers university. now the course is called politicizing beyonce. the lecturer uses beyonce's music and career to explore american race, gender and sexual politics. he says beyonce walks the line between sex icon and girl power role model. >> i get it. >> i agree with that. he pairs beyonce's music videos with writings of bell hooks, alice walker and even abolitionists sojourner truth. >> watching this makes me wish that maybe i was back in school. think about it. get class credit for watching i
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beyonce shake that moneymaker. >> thanks for being with us on friday. have a great weekend. join us at 5:00, 6:00, 11:00. >> as we leave you, who's got it better? >> what's wrong? [ indiscernible ]. >> you thought the 49ers would be in the super bowl? [ male announcer ] for some reason
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